About Us

We understand the challenges of finding great employees because we've done it ourselves—it’s hard work! In a competitive job environment, most of the best people are already employed and not actively looking, so finding and convincing them to make a change is expensive and time consuming.


Many of those great potential hires are socially connected to your existing employees, however. What if you could tap into all the social connections of your employees and reach those passive candidates? What if your outreach came with the strongest social proof possible--the endorsement of their friend, your current employee!


That’s why we built an employee referral marketing system to automate employee referrals. There are plenty of ATS and other tools that can track referral candidates, but those don't solve the fundamental scale problem with referrals--how do you get employees to actively source candidates for you?


We've made it push-button simple for employees to share content and open roles, decreasing the friction of participation. Beyond referral bonus incentives, we also provide a social-good incentive by including small nonprofit donations just for the employee promoting your company online. Through a simpler process and better incentives, we get significantly higher employee participation and referrals can grow to over 75% of your new hires!


The EXPONENT™ platform was built to harness the power of your employees’ voices and automate the process, while also giving back to local community nonprofits.