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We understand the challenges of growing your own business because we've done it ourselves—it’s hard work! Being a business owner can be rewarding but it’s also incredibly challenging. You’ve got a lot on your plate in consistently delivering great service, hiring and motivating the right people, accounting, buying equipment, health insurance...and the list goes on and on!


But in the end, without customers a business is nothing. If you're like most business owners you want to grow your customer count but you know direct mail is outrageously expensive and digital advertising prices have gone up 600% in the last 5 years.


We know your pain because we've faced those same challenges. We decided to get off that overpriced treadmill and stop playing the advertising game! We knew our customers loved us and realized they were the best source of growth. But we also realized people are busy and getting them to consistently and proactively refer friends was hard.


That’s why we built a customer referral system to automate customer referrals. By creating content for them to share, automating posting to major social platforms, and tracking performance, we've made it push-button simple for them. Through an incentive system that includes donations to local nonprofits, we've also created the right incentives for everyone to participate. 


If you’re delivering a quality service, there is no reason you can’t grow quickly too by leveraging the power of your existing customers.


The EXPONENT™ platform was built to harness that power of your customers’ voices and automate the process, while also giving back to local community nonprofits. Let us handle the growth engine while you continue doing what you’re great at—delighting customers!

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