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Employee Referrals

Our automated service reaches deep into your employees' social networks to source great candidates.
Employee referrals are the most effective source of job candidates, but existing referral programs barely skim the surface of your employees' social networks.
 Employees for the Long-Term
Referral hires remain with a company more than 2x longer than job board hires
(4+ years vs. 2 years)
Referrals Save Time & Money
Referral candidates fill roles 2x faster and save an average of $7,500 in recruiting expenses and lost productivity
Too Few Employee Referrals Today
Employee referrals account for only 24% of new hires, fewer than job boards and recruiter outreach

We automate employee sharing of your open roles to scale employee referrals

How it works
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1. We create a referral page for each of your employees.

Each employee gets a custom page to easily share open roles and earn referral bonuses. To encourage sharing and increased visibility of your open roles, small donations are made to a local nonprofit of their choice when they participate. 


2. We create content your employees can share with 1-click.

Most referral programs ask too much of employees. We make it as simple as a click by providing unique content and tools for sharing your open roles instantly.

3. We integrate with your ATS or host landing pages for you

We create and host a custom page to capture all your inbound referrals.

(We can also integrate with your ATS if you prefer.)


4. We handle all donations (and referral bonuses if you'd like.)

You control approval of all rewards and we handle the payments to nonprofits. We can also manage referral bonus payouts for you if you'd like.

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Denver, CO 80202

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